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  • What kind of hair does Choice Hair Company offer?
    We offer Raw and Virgin Vietnamese Hair extension products, some of which are steam processed. All hair is ethically sourced, chemically unprocessed, free of perms, bleaches, dyes, hard washes etc. Our hair is gathered from donors using a method designed to ensure proper cuticle alignment.
  • What is steam processing?
    Steam processing refers to using hot water vapor to open the cuticles of the hair in order to make the hair more impressionable to create consistent curl patterns – no chemicals are used.
  • How much hair do I need?
    The amount of hair you need depends on the style you want to achieve. Bobs/Shoulder Length styles (14” and shorter) : 2 bundles of hair Armpit Length to Under Boob Length(16”-20”) : 3 bundles of hair Anything longer than 20" will require a minimum of 4 bundles of hair *These are all recommendations, feel free to use more/less hair at your discretion.
  • How do I take care of my hair?
    Please navigate to our HAIR CARE page for additional information.
  • Can I bleach/dye this hair?
    Absolutely! For the best results it is recommended to bleach the hair before adding color. We do not recommend using anything stronger than 30 Vol Developer. We do not recommend lifting the hair past a #27 color. Please note, just as your own natural hair, bleaching can cause original wave patterns to loosen and cause textures to change.
  • How long does this hair last?
    With proper care our hair extensions can last several years. Due to natural shedding, you may need to purchase additional bundles over time to achieve desired fullness.
  • Have additional questions?
    Email us at
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